The Registration Office should be notified of any changes and this is done by using the pertinent forms in a period of 5 working days, as set forth in article 24 of AD 2002/22.

Any changes in the names or address of the directors or of persons authorized to represent the corporation should be reported to the Registration Office within 14 working days from the day the change took place. With respect to changes, which are reported to the Registration Office, all the relevant boxes in the form should be filled out.

According to article 33 of AD 2002/22, all Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies should submit to the KBRA either the annual report or the financial statement prepared in accordance with article 4 or 5 of UNMIK Regulation 2001/30 on the establishment of Kosovo Board for the Standards of Financial Reporting and Financial Regime of Business Companies, and it should contain the information required by article 33.1 of AD 2002/2.

Types of businesses – The Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA) makes the registration of all below-mentioned businesses:

  • Individual Businesses,
  • Common Partnership,
  • Limited Partnership,
  • Limited Liability Company,
  • Joint Stock Company,
  • Foreign Company,
  • Social Enterprise,
  • Public Enterprise,
  • Agricultural Cooperative,
  • Other enterprises under the jurisdiction of Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA)

Forms – In order to enable the registration of businesses, KBRA uses these application forms:

  • FORM A – Application form for the initial registration and for the change into Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies or Foreign Company

Agreement for incorporation,
Contract for rent (foreign companies),
Identification document or passport,
Tax paid into the account of the Registration Office.

  • FORM B - Application form for registration of individual business or partnership

Contract for rent – when the founder does not own property or is nonresident of Kosovo,
Identification document or passport,
Registration tax fee in the amount of 5 euros paid into the account of the Registration Office.

For re-registration the applicant must also have the certificate (original) for the temporary registration of the business; UNMIK Regulation nr. 2000/8.

  • FORM C – Application form for reserving the trade name.

Agreement for using the trade Name,
Identification document or passport,
Fee in the amount of 5 euros paid into the account of the Registration Office.

  • FORM D – Application form for closing down the business:

Business registration certificate (original),
Certificate for fulfillment of tax obligations to Central Fiscal Authority,
Identification document or passport,
Tax paid in the amount of 10 euros.

  • FORM K0 – Application form for the registration of Agricultural Cooperative

Decision for the appointment of director,
20 Euros Fee,
Possession paper.