Standards and licensing

The Kosovo Standardization Agency (KSA), as an executive institution was established in April 2005, under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. KSA is the only standardization body in Kosovo, in accordance with the law and with the European Charter for Small Enterprises.

The main goals of KSA are:

  • To contribute to the quality of local products and services and competitiveness,
  • To help in the reduction of technical barriers in trade,
  • To facilitate the recognition of kosovar products in the foreign trade,
  • To raise the awareness of business about the role and importance of European and international standards,
  • To approximate the practices of kosovar IC with those of counterpart organizations of EU,
  • To meet the requirements of WTO related to the standards and technical regulations.
  • To adopt the European and international standards,
  • To meet the requirements for the membership in ISO/IEC and CEN/CENELEC,
  • To advance kosovar standardization at the level of regional and European counterpart organizations.

KSA has two organizational units:

  • Standardization unit, and
  • Accreditation unit.

European Standards – European Charter for Small Enterprises

The European Charter for small Enterprises represents the basic document of policies of the European Commission for member states and for the members that are in the process of Stabilization-Association, and it is a strategic instrument applied in all countries of Western Balkan as a planning method used by these countries to meet the European standards in the following years in all lines for action provided by the Charter. This Charter is considered as the basic document in the policy of European Commission for small enterprises.

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