Consulting services

The agency for the support of small and middle Enterprises (SME) – The Kosovo agency for the support of small and middle enterprises was established in year 2005.
The agency for the support of SME was created as a need for private sector in Kosovo to get an institutional support in all fields where the businesses are hit, in order to enable a free and unhindered development guarded from either physical obstacles or procedural and bureaucratic. The purpose of the establishment of the Agency was and remains the creation of environment for development of strong businesses with high competitive capabilities in internal market and regional market and wider.

The agency consists of two divisions:

  • Division for analysis, strategies and policies of private sector- as policy-making structure; and
  • Division for the support of enterprises and regional development – as a structure for executing the policies of MTI in the support of private sector in Kosovo through programs and projects.

The agency for the support of SME is dedicated to taking the leading role in the support of the development of private sector in Kosovo, in order to create conditions for a long-term growth and sustainable development of entrepreneurship sector.

The agency for the support of SME offers education, training, and advice for the private sector in Kosovo, through:

  • Voucher Schemes of advices and trainings through licensing of OSHB,
  • Innovative Programs
  • Standards on quality and certification projects,
  • Conferences, Forums, Workshops
  • Info-export programs, new markets and partnership research
  • Informative Packages
  • Top Enterprise of the Year
  • Support for participation in national and international missions,
  • Entrepreneurship programs for secondary schools,
  • Entrepreneurship programs for university levels
  • Manuals – materials for initial businesses (including women and minorities),
  • Business simulations at university and secondary school levels.

Strong support for the development of businesses in Kosovo is also provided by economic chambers, such as Economic Chamber of Kosovo (ECK) and American Economic Chamber of Kosovo.

To see the full list of approved standards and for more information about the business development, please visit the official webpage of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.