Recognizing the need to bring procurement activities in Kosovo generally into compliance with European Union requirements and best standards and practices internationally recognized, the Constitutional Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo has adopted the Law on Public Procurement in Kosovo. 
The purpose of this law is to ensure:

  • The most efficient, transparent and fair use of public funds and public resources in Kosovo;
  • Integrity and accountability of public officials, civil servants and other persons conducting or involved in a procurement activity
  • Establishment of a professionalized institutional culture of public officials conducting or involved in procurement activity.

This law applies to all procurement activities of contracting authorities and to all persons, economic operators, undertakings, as these terms are defined by this law. During their procurement activities these authorities are required to respect and comply with the procedures and substantive requirements of this law.

The institutions of public procurement in the Republic of Kosovo are:

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC)
  • Procurement Review Body (PRB)
  • Public Procurement Agency (PPA)

Public Procurement Regulatory Commission of Kosovo (PPRC) - In accordance with the Law on Public Procurement in Kosovo the PPRC is responsible for overall development, functioning and supervision of the public procurement system in Kosovo, and it exercises functions provided for by this law. The Public Procurement Regulatory Commission is managed by the Board, which is consisted of five members, which are nominated by the Government and appointed by the Assembly of Kosovo. According to the Law on Public Procurement, within the PPRC is established the Review Panel, which have the competence to review the complaints received by the PPRC, from interested parties related to the allegations of violations of the LPP.

PPRC consists of several departments: Complaints Department, Rules Department, Auditing Department, and Training Department.

One of the functions rendered to PPRC by the law, is to create and maintain an informative internet page that provides the public unlimited access for all information related to the public procurement in Kosovo. This official webpage of public procurement in Kosovo enables further increase in transparency of public procurement and easier access to all information related to the public procurement in Kosovo.

Procurement Review Body (PRB) -PRB is an independent administrative body. The PRB is public authority and budgetary organization and is subject to the Law on Administration. The PRB is responsible for carrying out functions assigned to it by Public Procurement Law in Kosovo and by the Law on the procedure for granting concessions related to the treatment of complaints in relation with these laws.

Public Procurement Agency (PPA) – PPA publishes the negotiated procedures and revocations of Articles in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement. In addition, in the official webpage of the PPA you can find all tenders announced by the Budget of Kosovo in order for you to get information which bidder was announced winner.

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