Regional integration

Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK)

Business environment in Republic of Kosovo is becoming the most competitive in the region. Advantages such as excellent tax system, abundant natural resources, quick and easy business registration, transparent law on foreign investments etc, make Kosovo an attractive and friendly environment for foreign investors. Kosovo offers many benefits to potential foreign and domestic investors. Some of the Investment Opportunities in Republic of Kosovo are:

  • Low tax regime
  • Stimulating business environment
  • Law on foreign investments
  • Easy business registration
  • Young, motivated and multilingual population
  • Flexible labor market and competitive labor force
  • Abundant resources
  • Sound banking system
  • New customs code
  • Energy and mining resources
  • Agriculture sector
  • Winter tourism
  • Privatization opportunities
  • Industrial Park

Kosovo has a modern, EU compatible Registry of Business Organizations and Trade Names, founded in 2002. The following types of business entities can be registered in Kosovo: a single person enterprise, a general partnership, a limited liability company, a limited partnership and a joint stock company. All businesses and trade names are listed with the Registry.
Registering a business in Kosovo is both simple and inexpensive. A personal business enterprise can be registered in 1 day, while it only takes up to 3 days to register all other types of business enterprises.

Privatization opportunities
The privatization programme is run by the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), established in June 2002. The KTA is responsible for executing UNMIK's responsibility to administer Publicly and Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo. The KTA has the mandate to grant concessions or leases, establish corporate subsidiaries, initiate bankruptcy proceedings and privatize Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS)
ECIKS is a non-for-profit organization founded in April 2003 in Vienna, Austria. From a small organization founded by a group of Kosovar then-students in Vienna, ECIKS has grown to a reliable and long-standing partner of the business community. It now represents a serious partner of some European governments and international institutions, such as the World Bank, Austrian Development Agency, and Vienna Economic Forum etc.
ECIKS’s mission is to support the economic development of Kosovo by promoting and facilitating foreign investments, supporting the SME-Sector and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo. ECIKS’s main goal is a prosperous, dynamic and economically developed Kosovo, fully integrated in the European Union. With its experience, knowledge, professionalism and dedication, ECIKS has grown to be the leading organization in investment promotion for Kosovo. ECIKS has provided services to more than 100 foreign companies and potential investors, with many of them already investing and generating profits in Kosovo. In doing this, ECIKS cooperates with partner organizations abroad as well as with institutions in Kosovo. 
Since November 2006, within a project proposed by ECIKS and financed by Austrian Government through Austrian Development Agency, ECIKS officially represents the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) in the German-speaking countries. This office is at the same time the first official economic representation of Kosovo abroad. ECIKS is now a leader in servicing potential and existing foreign investors in Kosovo.

The European Commission's Liaison Office in Pristina
The European Commission Liaison office in Kosovo opened in September 2004 with the aim to promote Kosovo's approximation to the European Union within its framework policy for the Western Balkans, the Stabilization and Association Process. In Kosovo’s case this approximation is advanced through the SAP Tracking Mechanism. The SAP also includes CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilization). From 2003 SAP was enriched with a number of instruments that have been used with great success in the Candidate Countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The instruments are primarily related to reform, institution building, and training and to promoting economic development. Another instrument is the European Partnership, which sets out the priorities for Kosovo in view of EU approximation. The European Commission Liaison Office also participates in the Contact Group’s meeting on a regular basis. As the EC's representation in Pristina, the liaison office ensures that a permanent political and technical dialogue is maintained in relation to all Commission competences.