Chamber of Commerce

Economic Chamber of Kosovo (ECK) is an institution in the service of Kosovo economy, a constructive partner of national institutions of Kosovo, a partner in the social dialogue, and a promoter of economic development and good macroeconomic policies.

Economic Chamber of Kosovo analyzes the economic situation in Kosovo and actively proposes new and advanced forms of national business and works on the internationalization of Kosovo entrepreneurship. Economic Chamber of Kosovo contributes to the development of enterprises and with its professionalism and determination contributes to the approximation of Kosovo business and society with European values.

The Economic Chamber of Kosovo is composed of these departments:

  • Economic Analyses and Social Dialogue
  • Business Policy and Promotion
  • International Trade, Investments, and Marketing
  • Business Development and Company Management

Besides its main residence in Prishtina, the ECK has some other regional units such as Mitrovica, Prizren, Gjakova, Peja, Gjilan and Ferizaj.

Office for business membership has become operational in February 2006 under the ECK. A natural or legal subject, who signs the Membership Agreement and meets all obligations provided for by this agreement, is considered a member of the Economic Chamber of Kosovo. Other economic organizations, organizations in the field of science, professional associations and other associations the activity of which will advance the business of the subjects, may also become members of ECK.

Economic enterprises of Kosovo members of the Economic Chamber of Kosovo are organized in specific Associations divided into branches and sub-branches. The Associations are organized in order to enable the ECK members to benefit form the joint activities such as lobbying, cooperation with research-scientific institutions, activities organized for the promotion of enterprises, participation in regional and internationals fairs. The Associations carry out their activities based on the plans approved at the beginning of the year.

All investors can visit the official webpage of ECK to find more information about investments, privatizations, economic potential of Kosovo, and legal structure of Kosovo.

American Economic Chamber of Kosovo (AECK) – The American Economic Chamber is one of the most powerful business associations in the world and it has become operational in Kosovo in year 2006. The American Economic Chamber of Kosovo represents more than 70 middle and large business companies of Kosovo.
The AECK is a non-governmental organization, officially accredited by the United Stated Economic Chamber, without any political ties and views. The AECK is a business association with a defined goal- to support in all legal and applicable ways the development of the economy of Kosovo.
The main objectives of the AECK are the implementation of good practices of western business in kosovar environment, providing supportive services for kosovar businesses, lobbying for the establishment of economic laws in Kosovo in order to create opportunities for the development of businesses, maximal effort to improve the spirit of kosovar business. The AECK has two operating committees: Competition Committee and Committee for Regional and International Connections,
The AECK provides different services for opening and development of businesses such as, assistance in the business registration procedure, assistance with official documents, explanation of existing law, financial assistance and any other service, serving as one-stop shop for your business.

Through the membership in the AECK the kosovar and foreign businesses benefit from business connections with other businesses, representation through the AECK in national and foreign trade, training opportunities and other services for their businesses. For the membership in AECK can apply:

  • American Companies
  • Albania/Kosovar Companies
  • Foreign companies or international individuals
  • Albanian/Kosovar Individuals
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO)

The companies member of the AECK are companies of different sectors, such as: banks, insurance companies, companies for processing of metals, construction companies, energy companies, IT companies, consulting companies, education institutions (universities and faculties), exclusive representatives of different companies, and the companies for processing of food and drinks.
The individuals and companies interested in getting more information related to the membership, services of the AECK should visit the official webpage of the AECK.