The Customs Service gives its contribution in economic and security matters.

The collected customs taxes such as Duty Taxes, Value Added Taxes, and Duty of Excise go to the Consolidated Budget of Kosovo thus helping the economic development of the country. The Customs Service also checks the import and export by ensuring the protection of economy and protection of trademarks as well as accurate statistics about external trade.

Customs tariffs in Kosovo regarding import are:

  • 0% for goods imported from Montenegro and Serbia
  • 1% for goods from Macedonia and Albania according to the free trade agreement
  • 10% for goods imported from all other countries

After the changes undergone in the customs system the reduction of customs tariffs was applied for:

  • fixed assets
  • raw materials for agro-business and other production sectors
  • accessory materials for further processing

From 10% to 0%, and duty fees were removed for:

  • oil and oil products
  • wheat and corn

From duty fees are exempted:

  • Artificial fertilizers
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Surgical instruments and apparatus
  • Goods for humanitarian purpose
  • Goods used by foreign diplomats and consular missions
  • KFOR
  • International Red Cross
  • UNMIK registered NGOs whose goal is to support the humanitarian and reconstruction programs and projects in Kosovo

In terms of security the Customs Service fights illegal activities, increases security by ensuring their presence at border crossings, and fights border crime.

One of the steps taken by the Customs Service to fight the crime is the applying of banderol system on alcohol and cigarettes, which helps in the reduction of smuggling of these products.