The group of commercial developmental law operates under the Ministry of Trade and together with KTA is responsible for drafting the Administrative Rules and Laws in order for economy to function in accordance with the Western principles of free market.

In the commercial sphere in Kosovo were adopted nine regulations on:

  • Foreign Investments
  • Business Organizations
  • Contracts for Selling of Goods
  • Guarantees
  • Rules of Security and Supervision
  • Payment Transactions
  • Basic Labor Law
  • Standards for Financial Reports
  • Establishment of Office for Guarantees

The other regulations are expected to be adopted, among which are:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Mortgages
  • Competition Protection
  • Intellectual Properties

Depending on the activity of a business, in certain occasions the law provides the respective license for exercising a certain activity. 
The Ministry of Trade and Industry and Municipality are responsible for issuing these licenses.
For more information about the licenses visit the respective web pages.

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