Road – The territory of Kosovo has a suitable road infrastructure for the development of different business activities. The road network comprises 630km of main roads.
The Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication is responsible for maintaining the highways and regional roads whereas Municipality is responsible for local roads.
The Department of Road Infrastructure operates under the Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication and it is responsible for all matters related to roads.
With the construction of motorway with Albania, Kosovo will be an important bridge between West Europe and Adriatic Sea.

Railway – Kosovo possesses a railway system of 330 km covering all the territory of Kosovo by connecting the north with south and east with west.
Besides the transportation of passengers for private and official purposes the Railway System provides transportation of different goods for business purposes, in Kosovo and outside. Such transport is carried out through the railway and in combination with other kinds of transports.
Kosovo Railways enable the construction of private industrial rails from the railway lines to the destination of clients.
The Railways of Kosovo and Commercial Division of Kosovo Railways are responsible for transportation of goods.

Air – Kosovo has only one airport, Prishtina Airport, which is one of the most frequented airports in the region. This airport provides flights to most important centers in Europe but also in USA.
As other transports, the air transport besides providing transport for passengers it also provides transportation of different goods (cargos) for business purpose. Prishtina Airport provides a quick, effective, and professional service of cargo transportation. The airport examines each cargo through X-rays. Depending on the weight of the cargo the payments tariffs differ.
Prishtina Airport provides suitable conditions for transportation of goods that require special treatment, such as refrigerators for preservation of goods. It also possesses all equipment for loading and offloading the goods. 
Upon the arrival of the cargo every transportation company should draw it within 24 hours otherwise additional fees will be incurred.

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