The telecom sector in Kosovo is provided by the Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo (PTK). PTK provides services of fixed phone, as well as postal and internet services. Within PTK functions the mobile phone operator Vala, which provides services of mobile telephone whereas the internet services are provided by DardaNet which operates under PTK.
The second mobile phone operator is Ipko, which besides mobile phone services it also provides fixed phone services, VoIP, Cable Tv, Internet services, etc. 
The third operator, which provides services of fixed phone and internet, is Kujtesa.

Besides PTK, postal services are provided by many foreign companies, which operate in Kosovo, such as UPS, TNT, FEDEX, DHL. 
Kosovo is covered with 600 public payphones and 470 in post offices. Some parts of the city are covered by WLAN. 
Both Vala and Ipko offer special prices for businesses. For more information bout the services visit the respective official web pages.

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