Kosovo is rich with coal, which is the backbone of the development of energy resources. These resources are found in ideal conditions of use. The Department of Energy operates under the Ministry of Energy and Mines and its duties include the preparation and implementation of policies, strategies and different programs for a sustainable development of energy sector in Kosovo in order to ensure a sustainable, efficient, abundant supply with energy for costumers and economy, by always using the energy resources of the country as rationally as possible.

Connection to energy supply network – In order to get connected to the energy supply network the customer should follow these steps:

  • Customer should submit application to the offices of Supplier Care Service and give all accurate information that are required
  • Operator teams should visit the customer to inspect the connection
  • Supplier hands the draft agreement of connection to the customers and the contract for supply is signed
  • Costumer is connected to the network up to 3 days after the contract for supply is signed

Every month The Kosovo Energy Corporation delivers the bills to private customers and businesses for electric energy consumed during the previous month. If the customer doesn’t pay the bill then the supplier has the right through the system operator to disconnect the customer from the network, in accordance with the Regulation on Disconnection and Reconnection of Customers to Energy Sector in Kosovo. If a customer refuses the bill he/she is not exempted from the payment obligation.

Privatized Enterprises – Upon the purchase of a company (entire or part of it) in case that company has the need for the supply with electric energy or it has inherited an unpaid debt the company should report to the offices of Customer Care Service in KEK unit where the name of the customer will be changed and the contract for supply with be signed.. 
Kosovo has the energy network of 220V and the outlets are according to German standards.