Business Opportunities

Facts about Kosovo – The Republic of Kosovo is the youngest state in the world, whose government completely supports and encourages foreign and national investments, which would help in the creation of strongly and competitively free market.
Position - in the center of Balkans, strategic business position.
Population - 2.2 million, the majority is young population, which is part of the competitive labor force.
Communities - Albanians 90%.
Capital City – Prishtina, 600,000 inhabitants.
Official Languages – Albanian, Serbian, English.
Currency – Euro.
Banking System - The Central Banking Authority, 6 private banks, 9 insurance companies and 1 mandatory pension scheme.
Agreements with EU – Autonomous Trade Preference (ATP) Regime and CEFTA.

Reasons to invest:

  • VAT is 15 %, 0% of export tax
  • Tax on personal income varies between 0 -20%
  • 0% VAT or export duty
  • Corporate income tax 20%

Law on foreign investments

Population – young and motivated, 70% under 35 years of age.
Flexible labor force, low personal income taxes. The mandatory contribution for personal pension is only 10%.
Euro is official currency.
Unused natural resources– lignite, steel, zinc, ferronickel and fertile agricultural land.
Safe banking system.
Energy and mines.
The construction of a new thermo-power plant with capacity of 1000 is expected.
More than 500 socially-owned enterprises were privatized in the last 28 rounds of privatization with “spin-off” supervised by the KTA, and 200 others are expected to be privatized.
Access to free market of EU and CEFTA.

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