Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo is established as an Executive Agency under administration of Ministry of Trade and Industry, regulated by the Law on Foreign Investments.

IPAK's Vision

The economic development of Kosovo through foreign direct investment which will have direct impact in reducing unemployment and increasing the social welfare of our citizens.

IPAK's Mission

To improve the image of Kosovo and to attract foreign investors to look at Kosovo as the final destination for their investments through an aggressive and proactive marketing campaign, thorough increasing FDI inflows whether Brownfield or new Greenfield investments targeting numerous investments opportunities in Kosovo.

IPAK's Services

One stop shop for all investors: collection and dissemination of information and assistance during all phases of investments: pre-investments, investments and after care.

IPAK’s view of Investment Opportunities in Republic of Kosovo

Business environment in Republic of Kosovo is becoming the most competitive in the region. Advantages such as excellent tax system, abundant natural resources, quick and easy business registration, transparent law on foreign investments etc, make Kosovo an attractive and friendly environment for foreign investors. Kosovo offers many benefits to potential foreign and domestic investors. Some of the Investment Opportunities in Republic of Kosovo are:

  • Low tax regime
  • Stimulating business environment
  • Law on foreign investments
  • Easy business registration
  • Young, motivated and multilingual population
  • Flexible labor market and competitive labor force
  • Abundant resources
  • Sound banking system
  • New customs code
  • Energy and mining resources
  • Agriculture sector
  • Winter tourism
  • Privatization opportunities
  • Industrial Park