Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS)
ECIKS is a non-for-profit organization founded in April 2003 in Vienna, Austria. From a small organization founded by a group of Kosovar then-students in Vienna, ECIKS has grown to a reliable and long-standing partner of the business community. It now represents a serious partner of some European governments and international institutions, such as the World Bank, Austrian Development Agency, and Vienna Economic Forum etc.
ECIKS’s mission is to support the economic development of Kosovo by promoting and facilitating foreign investments, supporting the SME-Sector and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo. ECIKS’s main goal is a prosperous, dynamic and economically developed Kosovo, fully integrated in the European Union. With its experience, knowledge, professionalism and dedication, ECIKS has grown to be the leading organization in investment promotion for Kosovo. ECIKS has provided services to more than 100 foreign companies and potential investors, with many of them already investing and generating profits in Kosovo. In doing this, ECIKS cooperates with partner organizations abroad as well as with institutions in Kosovo. 
Since November 2006, within a project proposed by ECIKS and financed by Austrian Government through Austrian Development Agency, ECIKS officially represents the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) in the German-speaking countries. This office is at the same time the first official economic representation of Kosovo abroad. ECIKS is now a leader in servicing potential and existing foreign investors in Kosovo.