The fact of a child birth should be registered in the birth register. The registration is done within the Municipal office of the civil status office in the territory in which the birth was given and the birth certificate is issued for the child.

During the child’s registration it is necessary to give the child a name and a last name in case a different last name from that of his/her father is given.

In the process of birth registration the presence of one of the parents is sufficient when the parents are not married, otherwise both parents should be present.

Depending on whether the birth was given in health institutions (hospital), outside these institutions (house), or outside the Kosovo territory different documents should be presented during the registration.

More about the documents that should be presented during the registration can be found in the documents “Birth registration form and procedure”.

The request form can be downloaded here or it can be taken in registrar offices.

The term for answering the request is 1-2 days after which the Birth Certificate is issued.



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