The process contrary to the process of marriage (wedlock bond) is the process of divorce resulting in the end of marriage.

The marriage can be ended in these ways:

  • Death of the spouse
  • Announcement of missing spouse
  • Cancellation of marriage (void marriage)
  • Divorce

The right to marriage annulment and to divorce has any previously married person who is willing to end the marriage with the person he/she married. This matter is solved only on the basis of court decision. Therefore, a lawsuit should be filed first to the competent court.
The persons with the right to file a lawsuit for the annulment of marriage are the spouses, public prosecutor, and all other persons that have direct legal interest in the annulment of marriage. Whereas in terms of divorce only the spouses have the right to file a lawsuit.

Upon the divorce the person, who changed his/her last name during the coronation can return the previous last name by submitting a request in a period not longer than six months after the annulment of the marriage, but not for persons who were born during the time the coronation was valid.
All other disputes that arise after the process of divorce are solved in accordance with law.