The primary responsibility of Fire Brigade and Rescue Service is to fight fire and natural disasters that occur in Kosovo. It is part of the Department for Emergency Management of Ministry of Internal Affairs but it functions under the responsibility of the respective municipalities. These services also respond to other emergencies, such as earthquakes, floods and other cases that require civilian protection. In order to become member of Kosovo Fire Service the applicants must be between 18-35 years of age. The physical test includes the operative skills defined by the central authority within the competency standards of emergency mobility for fire fighting and rescue. Those admitted to Fire Service must complete the 2-week basic course and for professional firefighter the 8-week professional course. The basic curriculum includes the following subjects: Personal and joint firefighting means and equipments, the process of fire origin, development and extinguishment, first aid, emergency evacuations, operative-technical and tactical firefighting actions, types of fire (internal and external fire), fire extinguishers (equipments for extinguishing fire), water supply, use of hydraulic equipments for AKRR, protection from fire, rescue from high places (buildings), preservation of prints while extinguishing the fire, emergency driving, firefighting interventions according to the standards, duties and obligations of firefighters in the operative actions, dangerous substances, means for extinguishing the fire, and the latest firefighting equipment.