Family Medicine

Every inhabitant of Kosovo has more or less knowledge about the centers of family medicine, because now these centers are everywhere, in every neighborhood we dwell and live. Family medicine comprises a group of doctors specialized for this field. Family doctor is a specialist, who takes care of individuals and their families in society regardless of nature of disease or social or personal characteristics of the patient. Family medicine is committed with autonomous individuals from the field of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and palliative care by utilizing and integrating the resources at disposal of the health care system with the purpose of serving to the best interest of the patient and his/her family.

The family doctor gives counsels and provides help for the illnesses in general by ensuring continuous care for the protection of health. The care of family doctor includes these fields:

  • Provides medical counselling about the health protection and makes diagnosis of illnesses;
  • Makes diagnosis of illness and treats patients;
  • Advises and provides preventive treatment of illness.

The first contact that should be made in case of cold, flu or illness is the family doctor, therefore, every person in need should visit the family doctor at the nearest medical center where he/she lives. The family doctor also gives prescriptions and advice of how to use the medicine as well as how to prevent the illness in the future. In case of need the family doctor suggests a visit with the specialist or hospitalization.

The service of family medicine is paid with the exception of special cases (see medical assistance).