Forests enriched with flora and fauna cover around 60% of the Kosovo territory as a result of climatic, pedologic, and hydrographic changes, which had an impact on the diversity of flora and fauna. 
As for flora, the forests are rich with plane tree, beech, Canadian poplar, white mulberry, black mulberry, acacia, laurel, ash-tree, Japanese robita, juniper (red fir), fir-tree, white pine, black pine, chestnut, etc. 
All public forests of Kosovo are national resources protected by law. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development, Forestry Department is responsible for managing the forestry sector including the protection, reforestation activities, prevention and protection from fire, disinfection from insect and different diseases, issuance of license for woodcutting, etc. under this Ministry was established the Kosovo Forestry Agency, which among others issues the license for woodcutting.