Geographical Position – Kosovo is situated in the middle of South-Eastern Europe. With its central position in Balkan Peninsula, it serves as a very important link in the connection between Middle and South Europe, Adriatic Sea, and Black Sea. 
The Kosovo territory covers an area of 10 908 square km and it is inhabited by over 2 million people.

Climate – The climate and temperatures in Kosovo are variable during the four seasons of the year. The winter is with snow and low temperatures with average of - 2°C. Spring and autumn are cool and rainy, and the summer is hot and dry- with average temperatures of + 22°C. The high temperatures in Kosovo during a year are between + 25°C and + 38°C.

How to come to Kosovo – In order to come to Kosovo you need a valid passport and no visa is required.

Air Routes – The international airport of Prishtina is located 15 km in the southwest of Prishtina.

Land Routes
From Albania : Vërmica, Morina and Qafë Prushi
From Macedonia : Hani i Elezit and Glloboçica
From Montenegro: Çakorit Canyon and Zhlebi
From Serbia : Merdari, Dheu i Bardhë, Muqibaba, Jarinje, Gazivoda

Kosovo Currency – EURO is used as official currency in Kosovo.

Some of the tourist sites in Kosovo

  • Mountain Ridges: Mountains of Sharr, Cursed Mountains where Brezovica and Rugova are distinguished as skiing and recreational centers, Luboteni’s Peak, Gjeravica’s Peak known as the highest peak in Kosovo reaching the height of 2.656 meters, etc.
  • Museum Cities: Prizreni, Gjakova, Rahoveci, Dragashi, Juniku etc. have different objects with rare architecture from different ages, cultures and civilizations.
  • Historical Places: Prekazi, Jezerci, Drenica, Kosharja, Gllogjani, Krusha.
  • Natural Beauties: Neredime’s bifurcation, Mirusha’s waterfall, Drini’s spring, Gadime’s cave, etc.
  • Thermal Springs: Kllokoti’s spa, Peja’s spa
  • Hotels, restaurants, pools, highway motels.