Assistances and Scholarships

State Assistances and Scholarships – Students, who have no economic means to finance their studies should request assistance at the assistance office in University of Prishtina (UP). The candidates, who are UP staff, are exempted from administrative fees. The University of Prishtina has made an announcement for the exemption from semester payment for the academic year 2008-09. The following students of University of Prishtina are entitled to the exemption from semester payment for academic year 2008-09 have:
  • Students, whose families are under social care,
  • Students, who are war invalids (either military or civil),
  • Students, who were left without a parent as a result of war (during the period from 1.1.1998 until 12.6.1999),
  • Students with physical disabilities.
All students must present:
  • Request for the exemption from semester payment
  • Certificate of studies for academic year 2008-2009
  • Copy of payment certificate, which certifies that the student has paid for the semester for academic year 2008-09
  • Photocopy of student’s ID
  • Photocopy of student’s bank account number
Scholarship Distinguished Student is an award by the University of Prishtina, given each year to most distinguished students during the academic year.
The main prerequisites to get a University Scholarship are:
  • Full-time student has completed the academic year (has passed all exams).
  • Student has attended full-time studies.
  • Has the average grade of passed exams of at least 9.00 (at least 90% of possible 100% accomplishment).
  • Student has not repeated any academic year.
Scholarship for studying in Summer University of Prishtina – From 14 July until 01 August the Summer University of Prishtina is held at the University of Prishtina. This University receives applications from national students and students from southeastern Europe and other parts of the world. All persons interested should contact the office of Summer University of Prishtina about all questions related to the new edition of this university for the next summer.
Scholarship for studying abroad – Kosovo citizens have the opportunity to study in some European schools thanks to the project “Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window”. The students participating in this project are granted full scholarship, which is financed by the European Union. Within the project Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window, the University of Prishtina as partner, has been a part of cooperation of European Universities and for the first time it has enabled the exchange of students. The grand holder of this project is the University of Ghent. These programs are divided into periods of 6-10 months (exchange) and of 2 years (Master). This cooperation will continue in the following terms, which are planned through the Memorandum of Understanding. The persons interested in applying for these programs should contact the Office for foreign relations- OFR, the rector of the University of Prishtina, respectively.
Bank loans for students – All students interested in student loans for financing their studies should contact the banks, which operate in Kosovo and which offer such loans.