The main goal of libraries in Kosovo is to offer free and unlimited access to knowledge, thought, culture, information to all citizens integrated in the world of developing information, regardless of their age, nationality, race, religion, in order to enable them to value the scientific achievements, art, and cultural heritage in general.

In order to loan the materials, the citizens should be members of the Library and should present the membership proof when ordering something. The citizens may loan up to 3 units (books or other materials) at the same time. The loaning period lasts from the time of the loan until the end of the day, which means until the working hours of the Library for that day.

There are some types of libraries in Kosovo such as National University Library of Kosovo, institutional libraries, public municipal libraries, local libraries, public school libraries, special libraries. Organization, procedures, and activities of the libraries are regulated by the law on Libraries of Kosovo.

The origin of National University Library of Kosovo goes back from the establishment of Regional Library in Prizren in 1944 (1944-1963) which later functioned as Provincial Library (1963-1970). Upon the establishment of the University of Kosovo in 1970 this library took the role and function of National University Library of Kosovo. The construction of this library in Prishtina began in 1974 and the library was inaugurated on 25 November, 1982.

The building of this Library has its own history, which reflects the political and social circumstances of Kosovo during the second half of the past century. From outside the building was constructed with cupolas, which for the inhabitants in the past times symbolized “Plisin”, which is symbol of national clothing. In this building are preserved different books, which are accessible to the citizens only inside the building.

University Library Center (ULC) was established on 17 October 2006, under the law on Libraries of Kosovo. This law provides the separation of University Library from National Library. The ULC aims at building the first cell of University Library Center, different from National Library and with a sufficient potential of staff, services, and collections. The creation of the ULC is the first phase of preparing the conditions for physical separation and independence in order to become the Central Library of University of Prishtina.

Association of Libraries of Kosovo is the only library association of Kosovo at national level, founded on 12 November 1971. As a union of professionals with free will and voluntary work, it is interested in protecting the rights of library employees, creating better working conditions, raising the professionalism, and expanding the professional activity of the libraries.