Brain Gain

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Government of Kosovo launched a national "brain-gain" campaign on aimed at persuading members of the Diaspora, and professionals from other countries, to take part in the country's development. The ministry believes that the Diaspora represents more than 17 per cent of the general Kosovo population.

The main reason on lunching the “brain-gain” program is to create the necessary incentives and mechanisms for halting and reversing Kosovo's "brain drain.". To achieve this, the project will support the Government in preparation of a policy framework on the Diaspora's engagement with Kosovo development; build an online database to identify eligible individuals that will be part of the brain gain, and support academia, the private sector and other stakeholders to utilize the expertise of the Diaspora. The Government is determined to encourage highly educated professionals from Kosovo and abroad to get involved in the process of state building in Kosovo.

The ministry believes that a successful brain-gain campaign will help ease the “difficult socio-economic circumstances and improve the low living standards” which are among the reasons that a majority of highly educated citizens have chosen to leave Kosovo in the first place.