In many aspects Kosovo is one of the most attractive places for businesses in the region. Mines, energy, agriculture, and sectors for food processing demonstrate great potential and provide opportunities for attracting private investments. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is working on improving the investment climate in Kosovo. The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo have successfully built a stable macroeconomic environment. Kosovo has accepted EURO as national currency which results in the elimination of the risk of Euro-zones. Furthermore, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo administers a stable and progressive fiscal policy.

Reasons to invest in Kosovo

Benefits for potential foreign and domestic investors - Some of the benefits from investments in Kosovo are: low taxes, rich resources, and supportive business environment.

  • Taxes in Kosovo are very low compared to neighboring countries. The tax system is extraordinarily simple. In addition, the Government is providing stimulating taxes that support the domestic production.
  • The enviable natural resources are: lignite, zinc, steel, ferronickel and fertile agricultural land.
  • A young and motivated labor force with strong entrepreneurial spirit and skills and general knowledge of most of European languages.

Stimulating environment for investments

The institutional environment of Kosovo supports business through:

  • Free access to the European Union market and to other neighboring markets
  • Modern institutions that support businesses
  • Simple and quick procedure for business registration (within 3 days)
  • Modern legal structure in accordance with EU, and
  • Official currency in Kosovo is Euro, which eliminates the risk of Euro-zones.

Modern legislation for foreign investments

In particular, Kosovo has a modern legislation for foreign investments, designed for both domestic and foreign investors. Here are included measures such as national treatment, guarantees for using the income without limitations, prohibition of favors and discriminations and protection against expropriation.

Geographic position of Kosovo

The central location in the region makes Kosovo very favorable place for investments. Kosovo is positioned in the middle of the potential market in Southeastern Europe with 100 million people. Kosovo has good connections with regional centers through roads, railways, and air communication. The Republic of Kosovo is connected with regional centers through 16 roads that pass through Kosovo.