Every person who has legal and regular residence outside Kosovo, but who was born in Kosovo and has close family and economic relations in Kosovo is considered a member of Kosovar Diaspora.
A member of Kosovar Diaspora is considered every person who within one generation is the descendant of a person born in Kosovo and who has family relations in Kosovo.

The citizen of Kosovo may also become a citizen of one or more countries. Gaining and retaining another citizenship doesn’t result in the loss of Kosovo citizenship.
The Republic of Kosovo protects the interests of its citizens living and staying out of the country as provided for by the law. 
The return of all Kosovars from Diaspora or from countries that they have lived and worked until now, is done by the free will of individuals. All citizens who return to the Republic of Kosovo to live and work in Kosovo have all the rights of the citizen of the Republic of Kosovo provided by law and based on the Constitutional Frame.