Counselor services

The activity of consular service under Diplomatic Missions outside the country is intended to strengthen the relations and cooperation between the Kosovar Diaspora and the Republic of Kosovo.
After 17 February 2008, when the Assembly of Kosovo declared the independence of the country, Kosovo began its campaign for the recognition of the Republic of Kosovo by all states and for the creation of bilateral relationships with the countries that have recognized Kosovo. A part of these developments is the recognition of the passports of Kosovo, visa liberalization or even their removal.

The priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo is the establishment of diplomatic network of Kosovo in the world, and the establishment and consolidation of Diplomatic Missions of Kosovo. Under the Diplomatic Missions will be provided Consular Services of the Republic of Kosovo. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic and consular representations outside the country are the only institutions that issue diplomatic and official passports. The Republic of Kosovo has put into circulation four passports: travel passport, travel document, official passport, and diplomatic passport.

The new passport of Kosovo became official on 18 July 2008. All citizens of Kosovo have the right to possess this passport.

To see if in the country you live and work the Consular Services under the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Kosovo have become operational, please visit the official webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo.