Social Insurances

The social insurances of the citizens of Kosovo include the medical insurances and pensions. In Kosovo some pension schemes are already being applied but the medical insurance has still not been regulated by law. Ever since the establishment of the Ministry of Health, medical insurances were seen as a strong support in the development and advancement of kosovar Health system not only in terms of increase in the quality of services but also in the advancement of consulting system, supply with medicine and increase in income from all citizens that are provided health care by the health professionals within the Republic of Kosovo.

Presently, the Ministry of Health is focused on the detailed analysis of the law, which was ratified by the Assembly of Kosovo and was submitted to SRSG for signature.
The medical insurance is very important for the development of the health system, and since Kosovo doesn’t have this law the Ministry of Health has intensified the commitment to amending the Law and implementing it as soon as possible.

During the drafting of the law the MH has taken into consideration the suggestions of the cooperators and important donators, who with their comprehensive studies have made precious contribution to this matter. More information about the most important document prepared by the World Bank related to the Medical insurance in Kosovo you can find in the Office for communication of the MH.
Until this law is ratified, the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo can buy the medical insurance in all private companies that provide this service.