Electric Energy

The Kosovo Energy Corporation sh.a (KEK sh.a.) is the only corporation of energy in the Republic of Kosovo. It is vertically integrated and it has become corporation at the end of year 2005.
In different time periods KEK sh.a was subject to a lot of changes. For a long time, the energy system of Kosovo has the integral part of the energy system of former Yugoslavia. 
During that period, the production of electric energy in Kosovo was concentrated on the production of electric energy by using coal (thermo) and a very small production by using water (hydro). During that time the electric energy was not supplied only from the power plants in Kosovo but also from other sources that produced electric energy and which were distributed throughout the territory of former Yugoslavia.

Today, the primary function of the Corporation is the production of coal, production of electric energy, distribution of electric energy, sale service and paying attention to the consumer. The functions of the Corporation are regulated by the policies of the Energy Regulatory Office of the Republic of Kosovo.

The distribution of Kosovo is spread in seven centers of Kosovo:

Ferizaj - 0290 327 580
Municipalities: Lipjan, Shtime, Ferizaj, Shtërpca, Kaçanik

Gjakova - 0390 322 695

Gjilan - 0280 324 533
Municipalities: Kamenica, Gjilan, Viti.

Mitrovica - 028 533 557
Municipalities: Skënderaj, Vushtri, Mitrovicë, Ujman, Leposaviq, Vellac.

Peja - 039 434 674
Municipalities: Deçan, Peja, Klina, Burim.

Prishtina - 038 543 458
Municipalities: Besiana, Prishtina, Obiliq, Fushë- Kosova, Gllogoc, Artana.

Prizren - 029 626 336
Municipalities: Rahovec, Theranda, Prizren, Dragash, Malisheva

Disconnections /Connections – The supplier will ask for the disconnection of consumer, who did not pay his/her bill as provided by a payment agreement concluded with energy company, within the deadline, and in accordance with the conditions set forth in the provision of bill or payment, and pursuant to General Conditions of Supply with Energy issued by Energy Regulatory Office (ERO).

The supplier will notify the consumer about the disconnection. 
The supplier and the operator may disconnect a consumer if he/she:

  • Refused to allow the representatives of the energy company to have access to his/her property or house to read and check the electric meter based on the conditions set forth in the General Conditions of Supply with energy issued by ERG.
  • Falls under the category non-household consumer, but is registered as household consumer, or
  • Did not pay any guaranteeing deposit when it was required by the Supplier.

The supplier has the right to charge fees for preparation for disconnection and reconnection notice and for disconnection and reconnection in accordance with the prices set forth in the Regulation for Disconnection and Reconnection of Consumers in energy sector.