Real Estates

Public Properties  the interrelated property rights and obligations of PE (public enterprises) that provide services only in one specific municipality or in a limited number of municipalities, especially in terms of sewage, irrigation, and heating, are property of that municipality or of the respective municipalities.
Regardless of these property rights, the competent institutions of Kosovo take the necessary measures for the implementation of the principles of European Union for governorship and liberalization of corporations. The abovementioned measures will especially exclude the return of status of PE incorporated as independent Shareholding Companies and governing structures of the corporation that were implemented from within.

Private Properties - the categories of private properties are:

  • Property necessary for habitation purposes: movable property, which serves people for basic habitation needs, including houses, flats, and similar buildings;
  • Inhabitation property: the property used or served for the inhabitation of people, including land, garages, parking spaces or other similar non-business buildings;
  • Commercial property: the property used for business purposes, for example for commercial or business purposes, for retail, for recreational services, for artistic purposes, sport, private education or for the purpose of private medicine.
  • Industrial property: property used for products, production, processing or storing of goods, including factories, depots, workshops and other similar buildings.
  • Agricultural property: land and buildings used for agricultural purpose.