All persons regardless of their age, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, religion, physical and mental ability, social and economic standard, have the right to participate in sports activities.

Sports activity is performed at some levels:

  • At the level of amateur sports
  • At the level of professionalized sports
  • At the level of sports organizations
  • At the level of sports clubs, and
  • At the level of sports federations

The highest institution of the national sports is the Olympic Committee of Kosovo (OCK) whose establishment and functioning is based on the Olympic Charter and its Statute. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports is responsible for defining the overall policies for sports development and creation of conditions of financial infrastructure.

The conditions and ways of development of sports activities, the rights and responsibilities of those in charge, especially the establishment, registration and management of sports organizations is determined by law and any violation is reported before the competent bodies.