The freedom of religion is one of the fundamental human rights. Therefore, every citizen in Kosovo has the right to freedom of religion including the freedom to have, not to have, to retain or to change one’s religion, to manifest one’s religion in public or in private. The law provides that this right is protected by the state institutions.

In terms of religion the population of Kosovo has three religions:

  • Muslim
  • Catholic
  • Orthodox

The largest part of the population belongs to Muslim religion and a considerable number belongs to Catholic and Orthodox religion.

There are no official statistics about religion of population but we consider that around 90% of the population of Kosovo are of Muslim religion, 6% of Orthodox religion, 3% of Catholic religion and 1% other.

Kosovo has a large number of mosques. The number of catholic and orthodox churches is not small either. Majority of mosques and churches are monuments with high historical and cultural values and are protected by law.
Religious communities have their own educational institutions for their needs organized in accordance with the Law in force.