Cultural Heritage

In the Department of Culture, under the Ministry of Culture, 32 cultural institutions carry out their regular activities, 10 of which at central level and 22 at municipal/regional level. 
Some of the cultural and artistic heritage of Kosovo that represent the cultural, historical, and civilized millennial, are:


  • Ethnographical Museum in Peja
  • National Museum of Kosovo
  • Railway Museum of Kosovo
  • Ethnological Museum “Emin Gjiku” in Prishtina
  • Albanian league of Prizren
  • Archeological Museum in Prizren
  • Museum in Mitrovica
  • Many Public bathrooms and fortresses transformed into Museums

In the field of Scenic, Musical, and Visional Arts, these institutions operate:


  • National Theater of Kosovo
  • Puppets Theater Dodona
  • Professional Theaters in cities
  • Professional theater of Gjakova
  • Professional theater of Gjilan
  • Professional theater of Prizren
  • Private theaters
  • Theatric troops
  • Theaters of students of Dramatic Art


  • Cinema ABC in Prishtina
  • Cinema ABC1 in Prishtina
  • Cinemas at other cities

Cultural-Artistic Associations

  • National Ensemble of Songs and Dances of Kosovo ”Shota”
  • Association “Bajram Curri”
  • Philharmonic – Opera of Kosovo “Colegium Cantorum”
  • Association “Agimi”
  • Cinematography of Kosovo – Kosovafilmi
  • Gallery of Arts of Kosovo
  • Gallery “Qafa” in Prishtina

In the field of cultural promotion take part:


  • National and University Library of Kosovo
  • Municipal/regional libraries (Prishtina, Prizren, Gjilan, Peja, Mitrovica, Gjakova, Ferizaj, Albanik/Leposaviq)
  • Special library for Blind people in Prishtina
  • Library Hivzi Sylejmani – Prishtina