Consumer Protection

Consumer means any natural person who buys and uses goods or services primarily for his/her personal needs, but not for the purposes related to commercial activity, namely for the resale of such goods.
The Law on Consumer Protection regulates the protection of fundamental right of consumers upon purchasing goods and services, as well as on other forms of receiving goods and services in the market such as:
  • The right to protect economic interests of consumers,
  • The right to life protection, health and asset,
  • The right to legal protection of consumers,
  • The right to information and re-education of consumers,
  • The right in consumer associations in order to protect the consumers’ interests,
  • The right of representation and participation in representation of consumers in the work of bodies dealing with issues related to the interest of consumers.
The rights of consumers may be limited in extraordinary circumstances, for the purpose of protection the interest and security of Kosovo, its nature, environment, human health, but not such that it would bring the consumers in an unequal positions.
The Consumer Association is established for the protection of the rights of consumers and their interests. The Consumer Association is a civil organization, independent from producers, suppliers or providers of services. The Consumer Protection Association presents its members and interests of all consumers. Through its representative, it gives opinions on proposed bylaws that may have influence on consumers, participates in meetings which are important for consumers, mediates between central bodies and consumers, as well as between the seller and consumer, for the purpose of protecting the latter’s interest.
The Consumer Protection Association informs consumers on their right, and draws up the list of retailers that have damaged consumers in the past years, or have purposefully sold goods which were dangerous to the health and safety of consumers.
For every right that has been violated, the consumer or the consumer protection association can appeal at the competent administrative bodes, which are legally accountable for the protection of consumers.
Producers and providers of services are liable to place safe goods and services in the market. Safe goods and services are considered such goods and services which meet:
  • Domestic standards,
  • European standards defined in International Covenants,
  • Legitimate consumers requirements related to safety.
The rules and regulations regarding the specific health and safety standards and requirements which a product or service must satisfy in order to be placed in the market, shall be established pursuant to special laws on this subject.
The tasks regarding the establishment of consumer protection policies, in particular regarding follow up and evidencing of jobs carried out under the Consumer Protection Program, are administered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
The Consumer Protection Program of Kosovo in particular sets out:
  • The principles and goals of consumer protection policies,
  • Tasks with priority upon drafting the consumer protection polices,
  • The program for utilization of financial resources required for the implementation of tasks outlined in the national program,
  • The size of the program framework for the utilization of financial funds required to promote development and activities of consumer organizations.