Media Information

Media means all televisions and radio stations, which broadcast in the territory of Kosovo, and which are licensed by the Independent Media Commission, including the written media.
The Independent Media Commission (IMC) is a body independent from political influences, whatever kind they may be, for the exercise of its responsibilities and functions defined in accordance with the law and other applicable laws in Kosovo pursuant to the Constitutional Framework.
The IMC is composed of three separate bodies:
  • Council,
  • Office of the Chief Executive and
  • Media Appeals Board.
The IMC regulates the Broadcast Frequency Spectrum in Kosovo and provides license for public and private broadcasters in order to use them in accordance with best European practices, including, among others, the implementation of broadcasting policy set out by the Council. The Council manages with the Commission in terms of strategic matters related to the law implementation. Based on the advice and recommendation of the Office of the Chief Executive, the Council issues licenses and renews them, by giving the authorized subject the right to use the frequencies in the Broadcast Frequency Spectrum, and is authorized to impose sanctions for the breach of commission’s regulations or license conditions.
In order to provide broadcasting in Kosovo the broadcast license, which is issued by the Commission, is required. The broadcast licenses and their renewal, including the digital and cable broadcasters, are issued for a term of seven years for radio and ten years or television. The licensed broadcasters must act in accordance with the best European policies, with the broadcasting policies, and with the conditions set forth by the IMC.
The broadcasting license will not be issued or reissued to:
  • Political party, group, organization, which is managed by an individual who is keeping an elected post or who is member of an executive body of a political party;
  • Individual, or subject, which is managed by an individual, who was punished in a trial in accordance with international standards, for the crimes set in forth in the applicable Law.
The establishment of Media Appeals Board was done in accordance with the law and the constitutional framework. The Appeals Board is independent in the exercise of its functions. The Appeals board adjudicates the appeals of parties that are direct subject to the decision in terms of:
  • Issuing, refusing, non-renewing or revoking the broadcast license;
  • Setting or changing the terms of broadcast license, with the exception of terms related to the setting of frequencies or other technical criteria;
  • Imposing sanctions; and
  • Other similar matters based on the administrative directive and regulation.