Security and Defense

In parallel with other main structures for the existence of a state, the internal and external security, acquired through the sustainability, stability, and professionalism of the specialized institutions, remains “the backbone” of the physical existence and of guaranteeing the constitutionalism and functioning of democratic institutions for every sovereign country.


Kosovo Center for Public Security, Education and Development (KCPSED) - The Kosovo Center for Public Security, Education and Development (KCPSED) functions as an executive agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. KCPSED is an institution that provides technical, administrative and educational support to all public security agencies, such as: Kosovo Police, Customs Service of Kosovo, the Department for Emergency Management and Correction Service of Kosovo.

  • KCPSED is committed to provide and ensure high level of professionalism during trainings, in institutional management, and in the distribution of resources to all public security agencies.
  • KCPSED is also responsible for ensuring the professional standards based on the vested competencies for the education and training of the members of public security agencies.

Within a year in KCPSED are trained between 12.000 and 13.000 officers of public security in basic, advanced and specialized trainings.

The center has sufficient capacities to successfully provide integrated services for other disciplines and it has also become part of the institutional scheme for those disciplines. It is challenging to find an organizing concept, which continues to build up successfully and in already established relations, thanks to the work of all former and current staff of this Center.


The strategic goals of Kosovo Police Service is the establishment, development and deployment of an effective national police force, professionally trained, entirely equipped, sustainable, with personnel appropriate for an effective functioning and capable of ensuring security and peace in Kosovo, in compliance with the policies of democratic police.

The actions of the Police of the Republic of Kosovo are determined by the below policies:

  • Equal and fair treatment of all persons;
  • Respect of human rights and fundamental liberties;
  • Impartiality and neutrality to the political convictions and viewpoints of people;
  • Integrity, honesty, and responsibility in public service;
  • Transparency – providing information to citizens and openness to the;
  • Legitimacy, adaptability, and proportionality;
  • Dedication to employment, advancement, and assignment of duties in comprehensive, meritorious and indiscriminate manner, thus reflecting the multiethnic character in the Republic of Kosovo and acknowledging the principles of gender equality and of human rights set forth in the Constitution.

The Customs Service has a broad mission, starting from the protection of the state, economy, and citizens. Therefore, the mission of the Customs Service can be divided into two main categories:

  • Contribution to economic questions

  • Contribution to security


NATO-KFOR (Kosovo Force) has a mandate based on the resolution 1244 of the United Nations Security Council. The goal of KFOR is to ensure and maintain a safe environment in Kosovo. KFOR has approximately 16.000 soldiers in Kosovo and besides other duties it has the direct responsibility to defend Kosovo from external threats.

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