Automobiles - Vehicle, by the Law on road traffic safety is defined as any transportation mean designed to move in the road, except for wheelchairs without motor for disabled person and means for transporting children.  
A special mean, is any mean with motor or trailer for special purpose (transportation of special loads or special transportation of people, which based on features and characteristics fall under one of the categories or types of motor vehicles used by police, fire brigade, Kosovo Protection Corps, and similar vehicles (combination of vehicles and trailers). 
The right to drive a vehicle – The Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication, through a legal act defines the rules and procedures for issuing a driving license. The person, who possesses a drive license issued by any country of the European Union, can change it to the driving license of Kosovo. The person, who possesses a driving license issued outside Kosovo, can be issued a driving license, after passing the theoretical test unless otherwise determined by a bilateral agreement.
The training of candidates to become drivers of motor vehicles is done by the auto schools, which are licensed by the Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication, after the conditions and criteria for licensing were fulfilled. The conditions and criteria for licensing an auto school are defined by the Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication.
The right to drive a motor vehicle can have any person who meets these conditions:

  • Is psychologically and physically able to drive a vehicle;
  • Has reached the age for certain vehicle categories;
  • Has passed the driving test for certain category;
  • Has not been prohibited to drive by the competent institution.

While driving, the driver should have these documents:

  • Driving license;
  • Traffic permission;
  • Vehicle registration document;
  • Authorization, if he/she is not owner of the vehicle, or if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes (taxi, auto-school or similar);
  • Insurance policy;
  • Qualification certificate for special cases including the driving license
  • instructor, ADR certificate and other certificates defined by the law;
  • valid health certificate, when law proscribes its possession.

The seat belt is obligatory for all drivers and passengers in the vehicle. If a transported person in the vehicle does not wear the seat belt the responsibility will fall on the driver, unless the transported person in the vehicle is an adult.

Vehicle insurance

Third party liability insurance – The obligatory motor insurance or differently known as “TPL” - (third party liability insurance) covers the damages that you cause to others with the use of your vehicle, but your vehicle is again uninsured.

Insurance of auto-liability outside Kosovo

Green Card – The countries where the Green Card is mandatory are: Albania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Byelorussia, Croatia, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldavia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkey, the Ukraine.
Countries that you have to get insurance with their vehicle insurance are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, England, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.