Aviation – Airplane means any vehicle that gets the support of the atmosphere as a result of air reactions, except for air reactions refused by the earth surface. The airplanes are divided into civilian airplanes, airplanes used for national or public purposes, aircrafts. Airplane Field means any airport with airstrips with solid surface and which is not used for international services. Air Transporter means a person, who is Kosovo citizen or a citizen of a country member of Joint European Aviation Space (JEAS), who in any kind of way, directly or indirectly, provides air transport.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is a regulator on the quality of the National Committee of Civilian Aviation Safety. The activities of the civil aviation in the aerial space of Kosovo are carried out in accordance with the provision of the law on Civil Aviation, Covenant on International Civil Aviation dated on 7 December 1944 and the Agreement on the Establishment of Joint European Aviation Space.

The public authorities with responsibilities and functions in the field of civil aviation in Kosovo are:

  • The Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication;
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Kosovo;
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs; and
  • The Committee for Investigation of Aeronautical Accidents and Incidents.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Kosovo keeps the Register of Civil Airplanes of Kosovo. An airplane can be registered in Kosovo only:

  • If it is not registered in another country;
  • If it is owned and/or operated by a Kosovo citizen or by a person, who is citizen or resident of another country member of EU or JEAS; and
  • In case of short-term agreements for renting, which are concluded with the purpose of fulfilling the temporary needs of the aerial transport or in case of extraordinary circumstances.

CAA can draw supplemental provisions related to the registration of airplanes in the regulations for implementing this law. An airplane registered in Kosovo will removed from the Register of Civil Aviation in Kosovo, after the request in writing by the owner and/or by the operator if the requirements set forth in the law are not met, or if it has disappeared for a period of three months and search-rescue activities have been completed.

The International Airport of Prishtina is an international airport for civil-military use near Prishtina, Kosovo. The airstrip was built in 1965 whereas in 1985 the airport was equipped according to ICAO standards. Until June 1999, there was only internal traffic in the. Since then, the Airport of Prishtina has succeeded in creating regular lines for exchange of passengers and goods.

The structure of the passengers is composed of the wide Diaspora of Kosovo, members of international organizations and NATO soldiers, and tourists of tourist centers of Mediterranean during the summer season. As a result, some of the lines are only seasonal. Kosova Airlines, the national airline of Kosovo operates from this airport.

Railways in Kosovo – Railways in Kosovo serve for the transportation of goods and passengers. The Kosovo Railways provide the transportation of passengers inside and outside Kosovo.

The first railway line in Kosovo was built in 1874 with line Hani i Elezit – Fushë Kosovë – Mitrovicë. Later the current railway network had begun and completed throughout the territory of Kosovo. The Railways of Kosovo are laid Kosovo wide with a length of 333,451 km. In this length are not included the industrial lines that cover a length of 103,4 km. The railway lines connect all important centers in Kosovo, except Gjakova and Gjilan. The railway lines of Kosovo have a direct line with neighboring countries such as Macedonia and Serbia and through them with other countries as well.

Internal Transport – For internal transport the Railways of Kosovo have these regular daily trains:

  • Fast Train (IC)– which travels every day along Pejë – Prishtinë – Pejë line.
  • Local Train (TL)– which travels every day along Pejë – Prishtinë – Pejë line.
  • Free Movement Train (TLL) – with Hani i Elezit - Fushë Kosovë line.

International Transport – For international transport the Railways of Kosovo have a regular train called Fast Train (IC) which travels once a day in Prishtinë – Shkup – Prishtinë line.

For more information about the train schedules, ticket system, etc., the citizens can visit the official webpage of the Railways of Kosovo.