In telecommunication sector, Ministry of Transport and Post-Telecommunications is responsible for development of policies as well as for exercising all the powers which have been transferred to this ministry by the Constitutional Framework.
In telecommunication sector this ministry reviews correspondence with European standards that cover tariffs and taxes, quality of services and technical standards; creates working policy on promotion of competitive markets and needs of consumers. In the sector of Post reviews correspondence with European standards that includes tariffs, quality of services and technical standards. In the sector of informative technology and the innovations, for example electronic trade, supports access to technology and empowers the development of systems for building capacities in informative technology. Some of the main Kosovo companies for informative technology and communications in the country and from abroad are: PTK, IPKO and Kujtesa.

Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo - Post, Phone and telegraph in Kosovo have been established in the year of 1959. PTK is composed of 3 business units: Kosovo Post, Kosovo Telecom and mobile operator Vala. All 3 business units of PTK are licensed by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Kosovo. On 29 June of the year 2005, PTK was transformed to the Stakeholder company, with a new name PTK S.C. PTK S.C. has a five year business plan with the foreseen investments of 550 million euros.
Mobile operator Vala now offers various services for its consumers. Vala has presently the coverage of almost 90% of Kosovo territory, and for a long time has been offering to customers GPRS function of access to internet through mobile phones, delivery of text messages, MMS, SMS within and outside of network from Vala operator, packed-based services for wireless communication in mobile phoning, roaming or the option of using mobile phones outside of Kosovo etc.

IPKO - IPKO was founded in year 1999 and is one of the main Kosovo companies in informative technology and communication in the country. IPKO has been developed successfully – from the company that first offered the internet in the whole territory of Kosovo – to the modern company, which offers various services and integrative contents in mobile communication, landlines, internet and media.
With the combination of particular experience in the dynamic increased market, with commitment to bring to Kosovars modern technology, IPKO is created as an important pillar of new Kosovo economy. Main services offered by IPKO are: landlines, mobile phone services, internet and combined services.

KUJTESA – KUJTESA was established in October of the year 1995. Kujtesa has been developed to the main leader in the telecom market in services based on IP for the organizations, companies and individual users.
Kujtesa is the first company in Kosovo that completed installation of Internet Wireless Access and Wireless Area Networks in all territory of Kosovo. Kujtesa is also the first company in Kosovo that implemented contemporary technical equipment, technology WiMAX.
Kujtesa is specialized in offering high quality, secure and fast services, and with an experienced and well-trained management.

For more information regarding the products and services offered by VALA, IPKO and KUJTESA please visit their official web pages.