Travel abroad

The passport is a public travel document that serves to the citizen of the Republic of Kosovo to get across the national borders and to confirm the identity and citizenship. The new passport of Kosovo became official on 18 July 2008. The competent institution for issuing passports is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All citizens of Kosovo have the right to possess this passport. For children of ages zero to three years of age, the passport is issued for three years. For persons from three (3) to eighteen (18) years of age the passport is issued for 5 years. For persons over eighteen (18) years of age, the passport is issued for 10 years.
The citizens of Kosovo can travel without visa to Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro. Turkey has also removed the visa system since they are issued at the border for a fee of 10€. For all countries, the citizens must apply for visa in the respective embassies.

Law on identification document – The identification document may serve as identification (travel) document when crossing the state border, if this is regulated by an agreement between states. Every citizen of Kosovo older than sixteen (16) years of age is obliged to get an ID. The foreign citizen has the right to possess and ID, if at the time the ID is issued he/she has the right to temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Kosovo. The citizens can not possess more than one ID.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is the competent institution for drafting the forms that should be filled out when getting an ID. For persons between 16 and 26 years of age the ID is valid for five (5) years. For persons between 26 and 60 years of age the ID is valid for ten (10) years and for persons over 60 years of age the ID is permanent.