Families of martyrs

All permanent inhabitants of Kosovo, who are members of the family of a war martyr (lived together with the martyr at least one year) are entitled to the benefits dedicated to the families of martyrs.
These benefits are:
  • Family pension,
  • Advantages of employment in equal terms,
  • Tax and customs facilities,
  • Advantages of registration in educational institutions,
  • Scholarship for education,
  • Advantages of accommodation in dormitories without compensation,
  • Free school books for primary and secondary education,
  • Housing care,
  • Cheap and reduced tariff for electric energy consumption,
  • Exemption from judicial, administrative and public tax,
  • Exemption from tax on property,
  • Free health care in public institutions,
  • Advantages of accommodation in homes for old persons.
These benefits are granted to all families of national martyrs fallen in different circumstances and periods of war:
  • Spouse bound in a new marriage loses the rights that he/she had used as a member of the family of the martyr.
  • The children of martyrs are entitled to these benefits until 18 years of age, or 16 years of age if they pursue high education.
To enjoy the benefits granted for this family you have to appear at the Social Center of your municipality.