Work disabilities

Citizens with disabilities - Financial support is provided to all permanent inhabitants of Kosovo with permanent disabilities. However, the divided financial support for these citizens is given on the basis of family communion, because of the current organizing of Social Welfare Layout. Therefore, the social assistance goes to all families that take care of the persons with permanent disabilities. 
The financial support is given to family that has one or more juvenile members (under 18 years of age) with permanent disabilities.

The support is also given the families of adult persons with permanent disabilities. 
The request for material support is submitted to the Social Center of the municipality the person lives. More information about the application guidelines issued by the Welfare Department can be found in the Social Center.
War invalids - All citizens of Kosovo, who sustained physical injuries as a direct consequence of the armed conflict in Kosovo, are entitled to assistance and benefits dedicated to them. War invalids are considered former KLA members but also the civilians who were wounded or injured during this conflict.
The assistances that the war invalids are entitled to are:
  • Personal invalid pension,
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary health care in public medical institutions without compensation,
  • Medical and physical rehabilitation,
  • Professional rehabilitation,
  • Advantages of employment in equal terms,
  • Tax and customs facilities,
  • Advantages of registration in educational institutions,
  • Scholarship for education,
  • Advantages of accommodation in dormitories without compensation
  • Free school books for primary and secondary education for invalid’s children,
  • Housing care,
  • Exemption from judicial, administrative and public tax,
  • Cheap and reduced tariff for electric energy consumption,
  • Exemption from tax on property,
  • Advantages of accommodation in homes for old persons,
  • Environmental adjustments for free movement of orthopedic means in the entrance of the house-flat.