Base Pension
A new pension system of providing a base pension was organized because the pension insurance paid to the Yugoslav central institutions was not returned to the citizens of Kosovo. The base pension is one of the mandatory forms of pension and it is given to every permanent citizen of Kosovo over 65 years of age, without any other condition. Like the social assistance, the base pension is given from the overall budget of Kosovo.

Pensions based on personal savings
All permanent inhabitants of Kosovo, who are employed, are obliged to give monthly contributions for pension insurance. Each month they are oblige to contribute with 5 % of their salary, whereas their employer with contribute with another 5 % of the same amount. The contributions are transferred to individual accounts of the employees and are invested with low risk by the Pension Trust of Kosovo.The amount of pension that will be taken by the retired person will depend on the amount accumulated in his individual account.

Supplementary Pension of employer and individual
Besides mandatory pension, the employer and persons may voluntarily save in other layouts of pension insurance. Individuals and employers may save in the layouts licensed and monitored by the Central Bank of Kosovo.