A part of the procedure of legalizing a marriage is the process of marrying the spouses. This service is provided by the municipality of the inhabitation zone.
The prerequisites for the marriage of the spouses are:

  • The mutual willingness of spouses to get married.
  • The spouses must be adults at least 18 years of age
  • The spouses must prove that they are not married with another person.
  • The spouses must not have blood relations with one another.

During the process of marriage it is obligatory the presence of:

  • The spouses that are to be married
  • Two witnesses
  • Registrar to carry out the ceremony

The person responsible for carrying out the procedure of marriage (registrar) has the right to refuse to marry the spouses if one of the requests was not fulfilled.
During the procedure of marriage the person has the right to change the last name by replacing his/her name with that of the partner or not change the last name at all.
The request form can be downloaded here or it can be taken in the registrar offices.