Job searches

Kosovo has a population of more than 2 million inhabitants, 60% of which are capable to work. Over 50% of this category is unemployed. As such, it serves as great potential for the socio-economic development of Kosovo. According to the data of the ministry of labor and social welfare 330,196 jobseekers were registered in February 2007.
The labor market is regulated by the UNMIK regulation nr 2001/ 27, which was created on the basis of EU standards. Currently, the approval of the Law on labor is in procedure and this law is also based on the EU standards.
The regulation for the Essential Labor Law in Kosovo regulates the employment in Kosovo, including the work relationship based on which the works and services are carried out. According to this regulation the discrimination against employment and profession are prohibited. The words employment and profession include the approach towards professional training, employment and certain professions, as well as the working conditions.

According to this law eighteen (18) years of age is the minimum age for employment or work. Persons under 18 years of age may only be employed in light work that is not likely to be harmful to his/her health or development, and does not affect his/her attendance at school. Persons under 15 years of age may not be employed. Also according to the law, the forced or coercive labor is prohibited.
Under the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare operates the Department of Work and Employment, which consists of divisions that supervise matters related to employment in the Republic of Kosovo.
The Division of the Law on Labor and Work Relationships is responsible for the preparation of the legislation pertaining to employment.
The Employment Division implements the employment policies established by the Work and Employment Department, by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, respectively. The Professional Training Division prepares the strategy of the MLSW for professional trainings, including the annual monitoring and inspection as needed, works on and promotes the access to the programs of active employment policies, coordinates and carries out activities for the professional training coordinators, counselors, and professional training counselors of the employment service network.

Employment Offices

For the employment policies and active labor market for the year 2008, the MLSW has allocated 100.000.00 euros for the execution of public works in the territory of Kosovo. For this purpose were established 7 regional employment centers, 23 municipal offices and 6 municipal employment sub-offices. With their activities during the period January-June of this year, these offices have succeeded in:

  • Registering 7 948 jobseekers of which 3562 were females;
  • Deregistering 6107 jobseekers of which 2 180 were females;
  • Visiting 11 200 companies in all sectors for finding job vacancies and looking to the need for professional trainings;
  • Finding 1 716 job vacancies;
  • Employing 1 542 jobseekers through mediation in employment;
  • Assisting in the counseling of 10 824 jobseekers for employment and self-employment.

The MLSW in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Employment (ZAV), with its center for Mediation Employment Services respectively, is developing a joint program for seasonal employment of the students of Prishtina University with German employers. In this project were included all regions of Kosovo. For this period were included in total 182 students, of which 67 were females.

If you are interested in finding a job, please register in one of Employment Officers operating in your region or search on web-pages that announce job vacancies.