The government of the Republic of Kosovo serving with dedication to its citizens has started offering some onlineservices. The citizens can access Kosovo’s government services directly from the environment of the Government Portal which will make citizens lives easier and more commode.
The services that are going to be offered directly from the environment of the government portal are listed on the right of this page under links section. The government of the Republic of Kosovo promises that the number of these services is going to expand within a short period of time.
The Kosovo’s government portal is mediated as a connection bridge to the other digital (online) services that the government already offers to the citizens. In order for the citizens to use these services through the environment of the government portal, they need to register and become registered users. During the registration process is offered the possibility that the users can register with their credentials for the services that they want to use directly from the government portal. After the user is registered, they always should log-in with their user name and password in order to use these services in the governmental portal. After they are logged in, they can use these services directly without the need of another log in. All the users’ credentials are protected conform all the security standards for online services.
For utilizing the services click on:  Fill –in the credentials of the other information systems   
If you need help when using these offered electronically services, please feel free to contact the contact phone numbers listed on the right section of this page.